Twitch Streamer,
Gaming influencer

Friendly & Positive Community

Who is Emzia?

Emilie Helgesen, best known to the public as “Emzia”, is a Norwegian gamer and streamer on the platform

She started streaming in 2015 and went full-time in 2018 when she decided to quit her job in a media agency.

Emzia mainly plays shooter games like Call of Duty and battle royals, but she also plays adventure games, horror games, and many other genres.

Today her community is synonymous with a fun and friendly place where you can meet new people to share the same passion with a positive spirit and respect for each other.

Twitch Ambassador

Emzia is one of the 140 on the platform who have been chosen as a role model for the Twitch community. Read more about Twitch ambassadors here.

Not just a streamer.

Emilie has been the host for ESL “World of Esports” TV program in 2017 on Viasat Sport.

ESL is the oldest and one of the largest companies in organizing eSports events around the world.

Events & TV Appearances

Emzia has taken part in promotion events and collaborations with various major brands, including Coca-Cola, Monster Energy, Komplett, Nvidia and Tine.

Has been the guest speaker in multiple seminars to talk about streaming, and the development esports industry.

In 2021 she participated at the Norwegian TV show “Fangene på Fortet”, and in 2023 in the popular TV show The Traitors (Forræder).

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